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Trekking in Chiangmai


Chiangmai is a city built on the roots of a traditional heritage that digs deep into the soil of time. For tourists, the name Chiangmai brings to mind a tranquil and fascinating land with beautiful ladies and colorful flowers plus a rich culture and diverse tradition.

Named "Rose of the North" for the abundance of flowers that thrive in its cooler mountain climate, Chiangmai has grown from its origin as a small northern Lanna capital to become a city representative of modern Thai culture. The people themselves are an unforgettable part of Chiangmai.

Handicrafts made from silk, silver and wood are timeless souvenirs for visitors to take home. Along with all this, a wide variety of accommodations, restaurants and entertainment establishments helps make Chiangmai one of Thailand's prime tourist attractions.

Chiangmai is 700 kilometers north of Bangkok and is nestled in a valley 310 meters (1,027 feet) above sea level. There are mountains all around the valley rising to heights of more than 2,500 meters. The highest mountain is Doi Inthanon which, at 2,565 meters, is Thailand's highest peak.

Chiangmai has a cooler and drier climate than other parts of Thailand. It has three main seasons : cool (late October to mid-February); summer (late February to May) and rainy (June to October). Average temperatures are 21 degrees Centigrade during the cool season; 30 degrees Centigrade during summer; and 25 degrees Centigrade during the rainy season.

Just to the north of Chiangmai lies the area of Mae Tang surrounded by mountains, jungles and hill tribes and this is where our trekking tours take place.


Trekking in the jungle.TREKKING IN CHIANGMAI

For 3 days and 2 nights we will walk you around the beautiful Mae Tang area with a local guide who will educate you all about the northern flora and fauna.
You will sleep in the villages of the local hill tribes and observe and learn about their traditions whilst enjoying the peace and tranquility of the jungle.
Our local guide will cook traditional northern Thai food for you in the evenings whilst you recover from the days exertions and will explain anything you need to know about hill tribe life and culture.

Day 1

Crossing rivers. You will depart from Chiang Mai at 09:30 and drive about 30 minutes to a local Orchid farm and after viewing the beatutiful orchids drive a further one hour to the Mae Tang area where you are surrounded by jungle and mountains.
The first day is quite physical as you will be trekking to high elevation through the jungle, cross the local Mae Tang river and stopping at local waterfalls.
You will visit an elephant camp where you will ride an elephant for 1 hour.
Your first night will be spent in a local Lahu hill tribe village where your tour guide will cook you supper and tell you all about hill tribe life.

Day 2

After breakfast, more trekking, crossing more rivers, more waterfalls and Enjoying traditional Thai food. more jungle. Watch out for the bamboo forests! You can swim next to the local  waterfalls and your second night will be spent in another Lahu hill tribe village and your guide will cook more food for you whilst you drink a cheeky beer and rest those weary legs.

Day 3

After breakfast just a little trekking is in order to get you to the local raft camp by the river where you will make some white water rafting for 40 minutes and then it's time for some traditional bamboo rafting for 20 minutes. After the third days water activities you will be taken back to Chiang Mai to arrive around 17:00.

Each Chiangmai trekking tour INCLUDES -
Trekking in the jungle.
1.    All meals (first day lunch to the last day lunch)
2.    Elephant riding
3.    Bamboo rafting
4.    White water rafting (in the rainy season )
5.    2 nights accommodation in hill tribe villages
6.    Insurance
7.    Local guide
8.    Return transport from Chiangmai to Mae Tang area 



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